Visual Art


It is not a fair in transit but a fair that has already reached its final destination.

Location N34, Emmen, NL
Production 2014
Material 5 concrete objects
Measurement 2400 x 2100 x 300 cm (LxWxH)

For a driver, a rest area is indispensable to rest or stretch their legs. Westerveld is the largest service area on the N34 in Drenthe. The N34 is located along the Hondsrug, which is known for the many Hunebedden. Situated is reminiscent of a modern Hunebed that naturally lies in the landscape. When you get closer, the contours of the concrete objects show the silhouette of a fairground. But this fair has not just "descended" on this lawn, this fair has been given a permanent place and can no longer be ignored from the landscape.

The fair is the ultimate traveling attraction where young and old can let go of the brakes. Often unnoticed you enjoy the entertaining attractions or you get annoyed by the uncouth attitude of fellow visitors. It is a place where you, as an adult, can feel like a child for a while without being surprised. It is a meeting place where entertainment and relaxation are paramount.

In the work Situated, the characteristic sounds and brightly coloured lamps are missing. All that remains is the playfulness of the fantasy where children and adults can climb and explore and sit. It is not a fair in transit but a fair that has already reached its end.