Visual Art


Tilting plays with the fantasy of the battlements at Kasteel Grouwaart, but also the facades of the houses that lie over the grass as shadow.

Location André Voltenlaan, Utrecht, NL
Production 2019
Material Terrazzo
Measurement 2400 x 610 x 90 cm & 1800 x 660 x 40 cm (LxWxH)

Grouwaart Castle is the castle that stood at the end of the André Voltenlaan and probably (partly) disappeared around 1700. There are no drawings of the castle so you can only fantasise about it as you walk the contours left as a footprint. In the coming years, Leidsche Rijn will develop into "a new city" west of Utrecht. The beautiful and sober architecture is characterised by straight lines. Spacious houses with sleek horizontal roof edges have the appearance of a modern neighbourhood on André Voltenlaan.

André Volten is a Dutch artist who is best known for his geometric sculptures made from materials such as natural stone, stainless steel, steel and Terrazzo. The André Voltenlaan contains a lot of grass and (small) trees with chairs and tables in between in the summer to enjoy the communal space in the sun.

Kantelen plays with the fantasy about the battlements on Grouwaart Castle.

in addition, it also makes a nod to the tilting that the silhouettes of the houses do with their shadow in the grass. Kantelen is a playful silhouette of a traditional stepped gable and a bell gable that are so characteristic in the city center of Utrecht. The relief of tilting invites you to playfully follow the shape or to sit or lie down in the sun.

The material and basic design language is reminiscent of the works of André Volten, but also contains all the ingredients that can also be found in works by Maze de Boer.