The Children

Company Het Nationale Theater
Production 2019
Photo: Sanne Peper

Hazel and Robin are two retired nuclear physicists who have moved into a holiday home just outside the contaminated area after a disaster at a nuclear power plant. Robin still enters the Zone every day to look after the cows on the hobby farm they started after retirement. Then suddenly a shadow from the past is at the door,

Rose. They have not seen her for nearly forty years. She was one of the pioneers who designed the plant at the time. But soon she left England and went to America. What will she do? Is she just here for old time sake, to reminisce? Then Rose makes an astonishing proposal that will radically change their future. Their scenario of a quiet, prosperous old age will have to be rewritten. Meaningful work is required. Expectations about the further interpretation of life after retirement will have to be challenged…

Photo: Sanne Peper


Antoinette Jelgersma, Stefan de Walle, Sylvia Poorta


Directed by: Eric de Vroedt

Author: Lucy Kirkwood

Translation: Rik van den Bos

Dramaturgy: Karim Ameur

Scenography: Maze de Boer

Light: Bernie van Velzen

Costumes: Lotte Goos

Music, sound: Florentijn Boddendijk, Remco de Jong

Photo: Sanne Peper
Photo: Sanne Peper
Photo: Sanne Peper
Photo: Sanne Peper
Photo: Sanne Peper