Visual Art

Linking Rings

As if by a magic trick, three rings hang in and through the tree.

Location Anningahof, NL
Production 2015
Material Tree, stainless steel
Measurement 3 times 150 x 5 cm (LxW) excluding tree

In a tree in the Anningahof sculpture garden 3 rings hang that are woven together like the magician's truck Linking Rings.

Anningahof is a sculpture garden where new sculptures by Dutch visual artists are shown almost every year. The sculpture garden does not have a permanent collection, but an exception will be made for Linking Rings.

The sculpture garden is surrounded by a circular hedge, which is interrupted twice to allow visitors access inside. There is only one tree in the circular courtyard. In the tree hang three large rings that are intertwined and woven through the tree. No opening is visible in the rings and it looks like the tree has grown through the rings.

Linking Rings is a well-known trick in which a magician puts three or more "closed" rings together like a chain and then takes them apart again.