Visual Art

Scenic Splendour

Ken kleine referentie naar naar een brede horizon.

Location Galerie dudokdegroot
Production 2019
Material Agaat, fotoprint, lijst (Gehring&Heijdenrijk)
Measurement Ondermeer 6 x 4 x 1 cm (LxBxD)
Photo: Ernst van Deursen

Scenic Splendour is a small reference to what is or can become great. It is an ode to the small with a nod to the gallery that has chosen to occupy a smaller, but more visible gallery space with two large display windows.

At first glance, the 40 works called Scenic Splendour seem like small landscapes, a mixture of photography, natural stone and classical painting in a classic frame with golden elements. The imagination only perfects the landscape when it is perceived. Scenic Splendour is a polished slice of agate stone with one part transparent and one part clouded (moss agate). Behind the agate is a photo print of a cloudy sky. The "landscape" is framed by the oldest frame maker in Europe (Gehring & Heijdenrijk since 1845) in a classic miniature frame.

The landscape slowly changes: a view changes into a framed jewel, a memory from the past. A wide view becomes an intimate experience in an elusive image.