Visual Art


A swimming pool in the exhibition space in a city where for the first time this summer there is no real swimming pool anymore.

Location Corrosia Expo, NL
Production 2017
Material White and dark gray tiles, chlorine tablets (fragrance), div. foam floats, stainless steel stair rail, clothes hangers, wristbands, plastic marking floats
Measurement 1500 x 860 x 120 cm (zwembad) (LxWxH), sculptures and installations in various sizes.

The only swimming pool in Almere Haven will disappear after demolition in 2016.

In 2017 there will again be a new 'swimming pool' on the spot where the water gave way to the Flevopolder more than 30 years ago.

In the exhibition next door, the practical colourful pool objects are valued for their aesthetics.


The Sequence series consists of sculptures and installations made with and inspired by utensils in the pool.

In a swimming pool you cannot separate the floats from their function during a swimming lesson. while playing there is no time to look at the shape and colour of a swimming board. The railing that you hold onto when you get in or out of the water is practical and indispensable. Clothes hangers, the function of which all hooks and recesses cannot be precisely determined. If you place these objects in the exhibition, the beauty of the material and the object is exceptional.