Visual Art

Paper weight

The stone press from 1903 printed the paper with which the paper press is built

Location Steendrukkerij Amsterdam & Galerie dudokdegroot, NL
Production 2016
Material Lithography multiple, div. paper works, folded paper, bookbinders glue
Measurement 350 x 200 x 150 cm (paper press) (LxWxH)
Photo: Ernst van Deursen

After 40 years, master printer Rento Brattinga stops with Steendrukkerij Amsterdam in the Amsterdam Jordaan. Brattinga printed for many artists including Claes Oldenburg, Richard Hamilton, Dan Flavin, Armando, Marlene Dumas, Klaas Gubbels.

To conclude, Maze de Boer uses two pressure stones. On the first stone a drawing of the printing press that Rento worked with all those years. The second stone was partly shaded and printed on a large part of the paper remains in the printing house. The shaded prints were used to recreate the press to scale, with the shaded side facing the entrance and the white side facing away from the entrance.

The Faber & Schleicher A.C. Offenbach A / M no.3316 semi-automatic printing press from 1903 was multiplied by itself.


In addition to the shaded stone, a drawing has also been printed with an impression of the stone printing press from 1903.

Selection of works with the shaded sheets of paper

During the printing of the last run with master printer Rento Brattinga

The material

Paper Weight has also been exhibited in Fries Museum.