Visual Art

Played rack

Is it a climbing frame?

Location Beeld Hal Werk, Amsterdam, NL
Production 2010
Material Stainless steel
Measurement 550 x 400 x 100 cm (LxWxH)
Photo: Dorien de Rijk

In an old factory on the edge of the IJ, where sterilisation machines used to be made, there is an enlarged dish rack ("plate rack"). The drainer is upside down. While adults had direct associations with the traditional dish rack, children used the work as a climbing frame ("play rack”).

The construction and use of materials is based on the well-known climbing frames of Aldo van Eyck such as the "Iglo" and the "climbing arch" that could be played in over 700 playgrounds between 1947 and 1978.

The shape of the Played rack is based on the characteristic plate rack designed by Jan van der Togt and manufactured by Tomado (van der Togt Massa Articles Dordrecht).

Photo: Dorien de Rijk
Photo: Dorien de Rijk

Played rack is also on display at KAAP, Keukenhof, Anningahof, COBRA museum, Museum Prinsenhof, Burgersweeshuis (BPD), among others.

Photo: Ilya Rabinovich

Present location

Van Eesteren Museum, Amsterdam