Visual Art


Time lapse seen and recorded from behind the window frame.

Location Bellamy Kabinet, NL
Production 2018
Material 4 windows, paint marker
Measurement 4 times 115 x 150 cm (BxW)

Aanvaardbare ruimte ('Acceptable space') is the title of the exhibition in the Bellamy Cabinet and a starting point for the work Doorkijk.

The work is a drawn image of the Elisabeth Wolffstraat in Amsterdam.

The space behind the 4 showcases never looks at the neighbours on the other side because there is a bicycle shed for the residents in the building behind the windows. During the day, the mirror image of the houses on the other side of Elisabeth Wolffstraat is reflected in the window.

The street and the residents were observed, after which the windows show the result as a drawn reflection through the glass. During the exhibition period, additional situations were sketched at several times during the day and in the evening, so that the image is not captured in "one" moment.