Company mightysociety
Production 2006
Photo: Sanne Peper

How I also experienced the last seconds of a suicide bomber

mightysociety3 revolves around the world that fights this terrorist. In a penthouse, built in the theater hall (the audience sits along the walls on the game floor) we see four friends; the unwitting victims. An anti-Islam columnist, her boyfriend with an internet porn company, an idealist (who plants a tree for every flight) and a former television star with a pop hit who recently converted to Islam. The intelligence services know who will commit the attack, how and when, but not where.

mightysociety2 was reprized during mightysociety3 and played at the same time in a hotel near the theater where mightysociety2 played. The performances were in contact with each other via an internet connection through which Ibrahim K. could be seen live in the theater.

The diptych is set in the last hour and a half before a terrorist attack.

Photo: Sanne Peper


Julia van de Graaff, Raoul Copier, Bram Coopmans, Eva Duijvestein, Jacques Riebeek, Çigdem Teke


Written and directed by: Eric de Vroedt

Scenography: Maze de Boer

Costumes: Lotte Goos

Photo: Sanne Peper
Photo: Sanne Peper
Photo: Sanne Peper
Photo: Sanne Peper