Company mightysociety
Production 2004
Photo: Sanne Peper

How I, too, learned to love the latest political child prodigy

mightysociety1 follows three spin doctors in their search for the ideal political leader. In a desolate conference center, the search is on for the new party leader. The previous party leader has been taken away for various reasons and the number 2 is now automatically number 1. However, there is a hijacker on the coast; an ideal political media Barbie, who ends up in an insane "reality television" plan.

In a heated brainstorming session, three spin doctors fantasize the irresistible rise and inevitable downfall of a political child prodigy. While "purring" they create the media talent of the future: a Sexually-attractive, Political-incorrect, Intensely-charismatic Nobody. The success of a politician is more determined by the image than the content.

Photo: Sanne Peper


Jara Lucieer, Thomas Oerlemans, Jeroen Spitzenberger


Written and directed by: Eric de Vroedt

Scenography: Maze de Boer