De Wereld Volgens John

Company Het Nationale Theater
Production 2019
Photo: Sanne Peper

The World according to John

Jan K., an ordinary boy from The Hague, fights for the bonfire, his neighbourhood and his dignity. But it is difficult to compete against a critically ill father, bailiffs and the arrival of a luxury resort. Then the handsome journalist Kim appears in Jan's life. In The World According to John, talk radio host John takes you through the incredible, true story of "The Hero of Duindorp". A story about dreams, the urge for recognition and an ultimate act of desperation.

Photo: Sanne Peper


Mourad Baaiz, Bilal Bachir, Bram Coopmans, Hein van der Heijden, Emmanuel Ohene Boafo, Vanja Rukavina, Whitney Sawyer, Betty Schuurman, Joris Smit


Concept & directed by: Eric de Vroedt

Author: Joeri Vos

Choreography: Alida Dors

Dramaturgy: Willemijn Barelds

Scenography: Maze de Boer

Light & video: Bernie van Velzen

Costumes: Lotte Goos

Music, sound: Florentijn Boddendijk, Remco de Jong

Assistant director: Abdel Daoudi

Photo: Sanne Peper
Photo: Sanne Peper
Photo: Sanne Peper
Photo: Sanne Peper
Photo: Sanne Peper